Among the ghost towns and the vineyards of the valley of Pardu


This round trip, which circumscribes the Valley of Pardu wich is one of Sardinia natural monument, will take you to discover the small ghost towns of Osini and Gairo Vecchio abandoned in the ’50s as a result of some terrible floods. On our electric bikes we will ride among green hills covered by rows of vines from which comes the famous wine Cannonau.

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Some points of interest in this tour:

  • Rio Pardu Valley, Natural Monument of Sardinia (LR 31/89)
  • Ghost Towns of Gairo Vecchio and Osini Vecchio, abandoned after the flood of 1951
  • the picturesque country of Ulassai nestled in the calcareous mountains
  • the rolling hills of Jerzu framed by the imposing Tacchi of Ogliastra
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