On the line of the old railway


Here is a proposal dedicated to people who want to start children to the pleasures of a bike ride into  the nature. Following the easy dirt road on the old railway line, will have a good time in an outdoor  experience for all family.

Some points of interest in this tour:

  • the old railway line “Gairo Taquisara – Jerzu” and its toll booths built in local stone

  • the Station Curcuda, requalified in the famous modern art museum “La stazione dell’arte”

  • the station of Osini, which has maintained the original appearance including the inscriptions on the facade

  • the schist Valley of “Rio Pardu “,natural monument of Sardinia (L.R. 31/89)

  • the small fraction of Gairo Taquisara and the railway station of the “Trenino Verde”

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